About EZ Seal LLC

EZ Seal is a locally owned and operated blacktop / asphalt seal coating company.  We seal coat driveways and parking lots.  The asphalt is swept, blown off, cracks ground out and crack repair placed before we seal the asphalt.  EZ Seal applies two coats of seal coat to protect your investment.  We strive to improve the life and appearance of your home or business asphalt drive and parking lots.  Seal coating your asphalt will improve the life of your driveway by reducing the amount of water and sun damage that occurs during the life span of your product.  Sealing coating reduces water, oils, gas and other common driveway products from penetrating and weakening the asphalt. 

EZ Seal will give your business a fresh spring look by cleaning and removing the debris that old man winter leaves behind.  By cleaning your parking lot this will give your business a clean and attractive curb appeal to customers and prevent traffic from tracking in grit and sand into your business environment. 

Pothole repair and maintenance is important to prevent injuries but also to reduce further damage to the asphalt.  Crack repair also is extremely important.  Cracks in your asphalt allow water to seep below and freeze causing the asphalt to expand and contract over time or wash away the base under the asphalt.  EZ Seal will grind out the cracks to remove dirt, weeds, and debris and apply a hot or cold crack repair.  This crack repair product expands and contracts with the temperatures to ensure that the water does not re-enter the crack.